Get ready to get ripped fast with the ultimate personal training buddy!  With iBootcamp on your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you will always have access to a vast collection of exercises and complete workouts, literally at your fingertips.  iBootcamp actually coaches you through over 50 unique workouts and exercise routines in real time, demonstrating proper technique with detailed exercise videos and spoken instructions.  Advance to the next level with one of several 12-week long workout programs.  Use the iBootcamp Fit Test to graphically chart your progress along the way.  Whether you are just starting out or looking to boost your workout regimen and break through your current plateau, iBootcamp will help you to achieve your fitness goals.



Think you have the guileful cunning of a secret agent or the shrewd intuition of a police detective?  Are you convincing enough to deceive others into believing you are telling the truth or insightful enough to instantly tell when someone is lying to you?  “Interrogation” is the fun party game that will put your skills to the test!  This game will test your ability to deceive your friends and expertly pick up on subtle clues to distinguish a lie from the truth.  Be warned that tension may rise and excitement intensify as you all vie to prove who is the ultimate “Interrogation” sleuth.